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Have you ever started a company or been asked to help someone to market theirs? If so, I’m sure you have searched for press release samples on the internet.

I started my first company about 6 years ago in the real estate industry. I was new to business and new to marketing on the internet. Luckily I had many friends who were already entrepreneurs who helped me on my way. One of the greatest tips they gave me was to market my company on the internet. Of course making a website was one thing but how was I to let others know about my new real estate business. I was taught about the power of a press release on the internet telling the world about my new business and the products I offer. I wasn’t a writer and didn’t know how to write a press release so I quickly turned to Google and looked for press releases samples. I was fortunate the many businesses before me had sent a press release so I was able to find many samples.

As time went on it became apparent that many people needed to find a press release sample in hopes to write their own press release. I have gathered some of the best press release samples I could find and want to share them with you today. I am a big believer on what goes around comes around. I was helped by many people when I first went into business and want to do the same thing for you. If you find these page of interest I would sure appreciate you sharing it with others by using the “share” button below which connects to many social media sites. If you have any other questions, need help writing a press release sample or need help distributing your press release please let me know.

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